The a.pass research center is the long-term research department of the a.pass environment. The center functions both as the motor and as the receptor for the research developed by participants, mentors, team and PhD-researchers.

Broadly speaking, the research center works on four, closely related levels:

1. the development of an active archive: an accessible, dynamic and performative experimental space that opens up  the researches developed within the a.pass researh environment to a wider public interest.

2. the a.pass research center also functions as the international ‘hub’ of a.pass: there the research and the working philosophy of a.pass is put into circulation in the wider network of other educational and artistic research organization, and in constant dialogue with current and other societal discussions.

3. the development of long term research projects, relating to the basic parameters of the artistic research environment

4. opening up the research to a larger, interested public through an active publication, debating, conference, exhibition, workshop and other practice.

Delaunoystraat 58-64, B17
1080 Brussels (Molenbeek)
+32 3 242 89 60