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JUNE 2014 - OCT 2014
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OCT 2013 - FEB 2014
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a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies)
is a 12-month post-master artistic research program. 
Developed in tight response to and together with the individual projects of the participants we create an environment based on the principles of self-organization and collaborative self-learning. projects

Public Disengagement ClinicChicken Scribbles and the Pigeon That Looks Like a FrogBECOMING SUSKEOn reading of images Space MonkeysCheerleader of Europe / PIIGS EU-GAMES
Jazz Storytelling_Live BookWORKSHOPS 2013THE PIGS OF TODAY ARE THE HAMS OF TOMORROWSONIC GARDENINGOn imageability of the cityNotes Opening Week I-13Living Art
High Pertformance! Workshop in economywitnessing and placesthe tender instituteTHE ART OF SHARING, THE SHARING OF ARTINSTABILITY IN STABILITYwhat do I do with what I have embodied so far?SCRIPT
Thoughts of every day lifeEmergence RoomA Space For WorkingFeedback and CritiqueThe ScoreCollaboration and Collaborative LearningThe Settlement

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Naked Recourse

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