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the arrival

RES&REF diary -- elke van campenhout -- Tue 20 May 2008
today all the artists of the RES&REF program arrive. the space of Les Bains has been lit up, little lamps adorning the green-leaved table clothes. the program is a tight one, the three groups of SPA, APT and RES&REF working in the same space for ten days on sharing discussions on kfda-performances, exchanging body sessions, bringing material for their toolboxes etcetera.

the international flavor of the group brings in perspectives from India, Bulgaria, Italy, Malaysia, etc... my hope is that these different backgrounds (choreographers, theatre makers, critics...) and the different working formats, will make the confrontation as interesting as possible.



iuliana varodi
reaction by iuliana varodi -- Sat 6 Feb 2010
this sounds interesting! is it "current" beause it is on-going?

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