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sound /space /relation

Sound / Space / Relation

At the moment I'm very interested in sound as an alternative input in the creative realm of art, a challenge to the contemporary overuse of image. How can radio allow and disturb the frame or boundary of the visual? We can think it as a translation or transportation, where matter and desire are both lost and found.

Because of the absence of image, radio brings us to our senses. The listener is addressed directly in its own intimacy while being still inscribed in the collective realm. We imagine, negotiate and relate to the ”other” and to what is outside of our circumscribed ocular reality. That space belongs to ones own combination of data, like the physical context, history, cultural habits, gender, age, etc. We are alone together.

Radio is ghostly on its materiality, it proposes a presence in the absence of the body, it invites listeners to re-create realities that remain un-fixed. It’s a tool to recall the past and to imagine what will never happen while playing with sense of the present.

For this workshop I'll work in collaboration with the radio and sound artist Els Viaene.

Els Viaene began her career in documentary-making for national radio. The realistic treatment of sound has evolved into more abstract environments, using musicality and the natural rhythm of ambient and electronic sound that she animates according to the principle of collage. Working on these sound materials for performances but also for internet games, documentaries or architectural installations, she makes the listener travel in imaginary naturalistic and organic environments.

Lilia Mestre born in Lisbon in 1968 is currently working and living in Brussels. She worked as a performer and co-creator namely with Vera Mantero, Hans Van Den Broeck and Christine Desmedt. Since1999 she begins to develop her own work individually or in collaboration with other artists namely Mette Edvardsen. In 1999 she creates the company Random Scream with Davis Freeman with whom she collaborates in different forms till the present time.
Her pieces include “untitle me”, “missing link”, “beyond mary and joseph”, “rendering 1.2” and “(g)hosts”.
Lilia is currently the project dramaturg for the workspace Bains Connective in Brussels. She has been dramaturg for choreographers as Kate Mchintosh or Martin Nachbar and curator for master program A.PT (advanced performance training) in Antwerp.