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"A Speculative Performance" for Nicolas Y Galeazzi's "Speculative Workshop"
A Speculative Letter Page 2      
A Speculative Letter Page 3      
Pending Objects      

"Soon u will be eating humble pie"
'A humble recipe'      


new project / An Exhibition On Stage / under construction
(+ 'Strange Room')      
+ 1 'Waiting Room'      
- 'Box Room'      
- 'Green Room' (+ 1 neonlight-orchestra)      
Green is not my favorite color            
green room thing            
- 'Pie Room'      

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Belgium   --   21/07/04
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updated by Esther Francis -- Tue 12 Apr 2011 - 10:36

+ 1 'Waiting Room'

The 'Waiting Room' is very narrow,

few chairs lined up in a row,

People sitting tight together with there knees touching the wall,

Than opens up the window / door,

Comes / crawls in the crazy dancer (with clothes on, too tiny),

Leads them ( the a waiting people) into the 'Strange Room' / 'Pie Room' / 'Box Room' / 'Green Room'